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My husband Jamie, and I have a natural Love for animals! After raising Labradors for years and rescuing many other breeds of dogs including, the Chihuahua and American Bulldog breeds we noticed many of our animals were suffering from severe skin and respiratory allergies. Even though we had been feeding our pets very well known brands of foods that even Veterinarians were recommending our pets were still experiencing these health issues. So, we began to do research on these so called,  A+ rated  foods. We were amazed and infuriated at all the harmful ingredients and bi-products that are found in the foods that are held with highest regard and respect. We couldn't believe we had been feeding our animals these foods and treats for years! We spoke about our own diets and how we pay additional money to purchase healthy organic foods and thought,  why can't we do this for the animals we love and cherish most . So, we took a trip down to our local pet food store and realized they had very few options to choose from when it came to Natural, Organic & Holistic pet foods and treats. For the next 2 years we found ourselves driving all over town to three different pet food stores to pick-up the items we needed for our animals to experience the best quality of life. We already owned two companies and thought we can open an online store offering all of the healthy pet products at competitive pricing paired with the outstanding customer service we were accustomed to providing with our other two companies. So, after lots of research and hard work to put all this together, we launched in 2009 with the primary goal of becoming the #1 online source for all the Organic, Natural & Holistic products available for pets. We currently offer product lines for Dogs, Cats, Horses & Birds. We are expanding our product lines everyday and look for our customers to provide us insight on the healthy products they love most. If you are looking for that special product that makes your pet happy and healthy then provide us with feedback. We are always open to suggestions and adding additional items. We can't do it without you so, please if you purchase a  product(s) from us please rate and write a review on that product.

We appreciate you visiting and remember that we are always here to provide your pet the freshest & most wholesome foods needed for it's highest quality of life!

Kind Regards,

CEO and Founder